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platonic lust..<3

The Application**
1.Basics: Name, age, sex, location: Mike, 15 almost 16, Male, Maryland.
2.Do you makeout with girls or boys? kendall<3
3.Why do you want to join calescent lust? I got invited so I felt cool.
4.What do you listen to? List music dummy ! Thursday, The Bled, Underoath, Madison, The Blood Brothers, Evergreen Terrace, Haste The Day, Remebering Never, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Glassjaw, Eighteen Visions.
5.What do you watch? TV, movies, etc. The Simpsons, That 70's Show, Aqua Teen, Sea Lab 2021, Home Movies..all that good stuff.
6.What do you read? Books, comics, magazines, whatever. Magazines.
7.What makes you different from all the other skirts and pants? i own.
8.Give us a quote/song lyric/mantra that inspires you? "everyones going to the party tonight because they all know she's gonna' be there. yeah they all wanna' peice, yes they all wanna' peice of something they couldn't reach." This song reminds me of times when the guy wants the girl so bad and he'd do anything and everything to just see her while he knows she doesn't notice him.
9.ATHF gone for good?! Your thoughts: it's the best show everyone loves it, its not gone. =)
10.Time to show yourself. 4+ photos, we need to see, you face(clear), your hair, your makeup, your style, and then something of whatever you please.

new hair.

new hair once again.

me and kendall<3

i love this picture, maybe you will too..
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