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1.Basics: Name, age, sex, location Ashley, 15, lady, Federal Way, WA
2.Do you makeout with girls or boys? boysss please
3.Why do you want to join calescent lust? I like the word calescent. Plus it is pertinent that I at least check out something that's hotter than a robot riding a dinosaur
4.What do you listen to? List 10 of your favourite bands. Oh gosh: Beatles, David Bowie, The Unicorns, Cake, Queen, Billie Holiday, Violent Femmes, Tom Petty (& heartbreakers), Frank Sinatra, Electric Light Orchestra. At least that's what it is tonight.
5.What do you watch? TV, movies, etc. The History channel, I swear, no one appreciates that shit. Uh, the ashley simpson show and rich girls, when they were both on, Degrassi *AW JEEZE MANNY IS PREGNANT, but only in Canada!*, family guy, aqua teen hunger force :(, old batman cartoons. For movies, the virgin suicides, almost famous, rocky horror picture show, boondock saints, y tu mama tambien, a clockwork orange, the labyrinth, reservoir dogs, ghost world. Anything with steve buschemi, god I love that man
6.What do you read? Books, comics, magazines, whatever. (don't say "magazines" or "books") I adore reading. Hm, you can't go wrong with shakespeare, like macbeth, anything by balzac, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress by dai sije, Alice in Wonderland, ayn rand is amazing, so is kafka. Chuck palahniuk is okay, but seriously, he's way overrated. There are much better authors out there, like Carlton Mellick III, he rocks. Oh, and the perks of being a wallflower? please. Chbosky has a totally skewed vision of teenage life, no one is as naive as Charlie. The book could have been amazing but he made Charlie a very vauge writer, which thoroughly ruined it. Jeffrey Eugenides is good too. Alright I could go on forever so I'll stop.
7.What makes you different from all the other skirts and pants? uh, the simple fact that I'm not the other skirts and pants? I dunno, I'm pretty capricious. I'm obsessed with having clean teeth?
8.Give us a quote/song lyric/mantra that inspires you. RIP, SLIP, BRUSH AHHHH? sorry, not really, that commercial just played about 7 times in the past half an hour though.

Most people of action are inclined to fatalism and most of thought believe in providence. - Honore De Balzac

9.ATHF gone for good?! Your thoughts: Not if you own the dvds, bitches
10.Time to show yourself. 4+ photos, we need to see your face(clear), your hair, your makeup, your style, and then something of whatever you please.

Because no one really smiles much anymore, at least in their pictures

This kind of shows my makeup, I'm in love with m.a.c. eyeshadow and benefit shimmer powder. Sorry it's so contrasty, I had to use the flash to show my makeup

Ahhhhh, I'm in love with that teenage mutant ninja turtles jacket, it owns over everything

blah blah blah

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