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Name: Meg Erznoznik.....called emjaye...for the most part (my middle name is Jaye... MJ?)

Age: fifteen

Sex: female

Location: Michigan...ughh

Do you makeout with girls or boys? Boys...

Why do you want to join calescent lust? Not sure...sounds fun!?

What do you listen to? List 10 of your favourite bands. Belle and Sebastian, Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams, Ben Kweller, Sondre Lerche, Ben Folds, Tenacious D, Mars Volta, and Saves the Day

What do you watch? TV, movies, etc. I dont watch much TV but when I do my shows are family guy, ER , and Hey Arnold. I love movies...Shrek, Harry Potter 1, Eternal Sunshine of a Spottless Mind, Peewee Herman's Big adventure, Napolean Dynomite, Royal Tennenbaums....

What do you read? Books, comics, magazines, whatever. (don't say "magazines" or "books")  Well I enjoy morbid novels...Helter Skelter is one of the best... any book that will make me quiver and want to read more is something i want to read.

What makes you different from all the other skirts and pants? I dont really know, to me  i see everyone trying to be like someone else and thats the biggest pet peeve of mine...seriuosly be your own person and thats what i strive for in life.

quote of hers reminds me a lot of myself.... "I'm Tough, ambitious, and i know exactly what i want. If that makes me a bitch, okay"

Time to show yourself. 4+ photos, we need to see, you face(clear), your hair, your makeup, your style, and then something of whatever you please.





I hope you like!

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Mod Post.

here's the deal.

karina banned me from stamping people, because I did it too early.

but I am about to ban her from stamping because:

A. she is never around a computer.
B. she is taking to long to do it!

And I don't even know if Marissa checks on the site anymore.

But I will do some stamping.

Sorry for the inconvinience.

Mm, Question?

Sorry but I was wondering when/if we get officialy stamped or if we can just go ahead and vote on new applicants?

Feel free to delete this if I can't post yet
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