horsemo (horsemo) wrote in calescent_lust,

...or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.

1) Horsemo 5/M/Dallas

2) I must confess that horses don't really "make out" as much as bray and lick, perhaps with some stamping about.

3) I feel a connection with your thematic mascot the robot, we are both interlopers in a world we love even as we are not loved in return.

4) Oh gosh, there are so many: Horse The Band, The Giddyup Kids, Fur-ther Seems Fur-ever, Hoofastank, Hoovesfall, Mangeral, 50 Scent, As I Neigh Dying, Grassjaw, Jars of Bray, Jimmy Eat Molichaff, Patty... Griffin, Sunny Hay Real Estate, Bread, The Notwisker, Underoats, I could just go on...

5) There's no TV out in the stables, sorry. The only films I've seen are my show tapes, which are debasingly fascist at best.

6) Wow, I read so much, anything I can get my hooves on, as far as books/teleplays: Horson Welles, John Gritsham, Issac Assimov, Donkey Jote, Kurt Vonnegoat, Gabriel Garsheepa Marquez, Ernest Hemmingwhey, etc... Comics/Manga: Maredevil, Spider Mane, Saddle Royale...

7) The first item that comes to mind is my distinct lack of skirts or pants, not to mention an entire layer of species abstraction from the rest of your applicants.

8) 'I want you to love me' he whispers unable to speak / He wonders why feelings so strong make the body so weak / Then he awoke now he's scared to death somebody heard / If it was you and you know her... please don't say a word. -Chris Thile

9) The world will always hunger for more Hunger Force.

10) I'm really embarrassed about this part, the only picture I have is the one for my icon, and you wouldn't believe what I had to go through to acquire even such a meager offering.

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aww, you win.
i'm totally confused and don't even know what to say
Who can resist the prettiest pony in the wole world?

Well second only to poneymo.