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platonic lust

1.Basics: Ana // 16 // female // New Jersey
2.Do you makeout with girls or boys? both! ♥
3.Why do you want to join calescent lust? because it looks awesome &i want to be a part of it, damnit!
4.What do you listen to? saves the day, yellowcard, taking back sunday, something corporate, ashlee simpson, mae, from autumn to ashes, atreyu, mathcbook romance, coheed &cambria
5.What do you watch? i dont like watching too much tv unless its the ashlee simpson show, i love the 80's or FUSE. as for movies.. i can go on forever.. but i wont. some of my favorites are;; sixteen candles, the breakfast club, pretty in pink, breakfast at tiffany's, the virgin suicides, requiem for a dream. 
6.What do you read? requiem for a dream, perks of being a wallflower, harry potter. reading isnt really my thing.
7.What makes you different from all the other skirts and pants? i dont do anything to be different, i just act how i want to &dress how i please &those who dont like it can just eat it because thats just me.
8.Give us a quote/song lyric/mantra that inspires you. "its better to burn out than fade away." -kurt cobain
9.ATHF gone for good?! Your thoughts: never.
10.Time to show yourself.



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