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hey der

2.making out?i love to make out w/ girls.
3.Why do you want to join this community?because i love joining communitys and this one seems really cool. 10 bands):thrice,a perfect circle,mewithoutyou,theycameburning,underoath,dillinger escape plan,led zeppelin,the chariot,norma jean,jimi hendrix.
5.What do you watch?i like anime,adult swim,and funny ass movies.
6.What do you read? Books, comics, magazines,
7.What makes you different from all the other skirts and pants?im confused on this...i wear girls pants and i try to wear stuff that looks shwexy and stands out.
8.Give us a quote/song lyric/mantra that inspires you:i have alot of lyrics that i love so i cant just narrow it down to one. but, if you want to talk to me sometime i can tell you some...if you care that
9.ATHF gone for good?! Your thoughts:nooo!!!!dont leave!!!lol. thats one of my favorite shows.
10.Time to show yourself. 4+ photos, we need to see, you face(clear), your hair, your makeup, your style, and then something of whatever you please.

before i got my hair majorly trimmed:

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you have some good bands, & you seem cool.

you should grow your hair out again.
i am. <3
Your pants are so hot.
I love it.
ehhhh don't like a perfect circle.
don't like that you don't read anything.
not even magazines.. wtf.
and wearing girl pants doesn't make you different.
almost all of my guy friends do.
you are cute... but

i read guitar magazines. im to damn active to read. and i dont wear girls pants to try and be i know that alot of people wear them. i wear them because they are different for me. =)
"funny ass movies"
okay i said funny ass movies because i didnt know how to spell comedies at the time. sorry im a dumb ass. and i use lol all the time too.
because you don't read much. er, at all
but, led zeppelin and jimi hendrix? YES PLEASE

I am also listening to houses of the holy. Still no though


I second that, grow out the hair.
=) <3333
I'm thinking that you're a bit lolhappy. Is this for omg serious or what?
i try to keep a positive attitude at all times. although im not perfect. i find by having a positive mental attitude affects the now of your life.